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1) What does the name Tudo mean?

 Tudo is a Portuguese word that translates to all or everything.


2) How do I use Tudo?

Tudo is very easy to prepare. Simply fill a water bottle with 400-500ml of cold water, add in the full package of Tudo powder, seal and shake vigorously for 30 seconds.

Then, enjoy!


3) How long does it take to get Tudo once I’ve ordered?

We strive to have your Tudo sent out the week you order! Then it depends on shipping, which may be one-to-two weeks depending on how far you are from the east coast. 


4) Once I’ve made the Tudo drink, how long do I have to drink it?

Once you’ve mixed the Tudo powder with water you can safely store it in a regular fridge for 24 hours.


5) Where is Tudo made?

We make Tudo in New Brunswick, Canada. If you don’t know where New Brunswick is, we strongly suggest you check it out. It’s beautiful.


6) Where do the ingredients come from? 

We selected the finest ingredients for Tudo. They come from Canada, the United States, Australia and the UK.


7) Does Tudo actually have all of the nutrients I need?

Yes, Tudo has all of the essential macro and micronutrients you need to feel full and sustain your energy level.


8) What is “micro-milled” flaxseed?

Flaxseed is a very nutritious plant seed, with a lot of health omega 3 fatty acids, fiber and protein. But because of its high oil content it is very difficult to dry and mill into a fine powder. Instead we use a flaxseed that's been micro-milled, where it is essentially cold cut into “micro” sized particles making it possible to be used in Tudo. If you want to learn more about flax, we suggest Wikipedia.


9) How can Sunflower oil be a powder?

Because science… Mixing sunflower oil liquid with tapioca flour in a precise formulation allows the tapioca starches to encapsulate very small particles of the sunflower oil, this allows it to become a solid powder and protects the oil from oxidation!


10) Will I lose weight?

Ah, well, that depends. Drinking Tudo, exercising regularly and having a nutritious diet will undoubtedly lead to you having a healthy life, which depending on your situation may involve weight loss.

Full User Manual Available Here 

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